Water, Milk and Baking Soda Mixture for fighting Tear Gas effect.

Dispelling tear gas from eyes

Hello there, welcome to foodart. Today we won’t talk about the nutrition content of any food, but instead we will be talking about how milk, baking soda mixture and water can help protect the eyes from tear gas effects.

Tear gas is any lachrymatory non- lethal chemical compound that causes the eyes to sting and water and also irritates the respiratory system ( English dictionary).

Tear gas is mostly used by the police forces on a crowd of people, during a protest when there is a tendency of violence, or actual violence.

Tear gas explosion

Although, it is described as non- lethal tear gas could be dangerous or even deadly, due to prolonged exposure and constant inhaling of the unhealthy chemical, it can even lead to death.

3 Remedies for tear gas effects

Water: We will start with water because it’s the easiest to get and to apply. You could either use saline or tap water, bottle water included. Once tear gas gets to the eyes, the eyes immediately becomes irritated and hurts; the eyes become red and so it is advised, that water is used immediately if other suggestions are not available. Take water, open the eyelids, pour water and continue pouring, until the stinging stops, that means most of the tear gas has been washed off

Rushing water

Baking Soda: Baking soda is applied by mixing in water first. If you are to use a 50cl bottled water for example, 3 table spoons of Baking soda should be enough to stop the stinging.

Baking soda in water

Milk: Milk could also be used. Although to avoid later complications like bacteria infection, milk is not advised except you would be seeing the doctor immediately. Cold milk application could help calm stinking and pain but not for long, I would even advice one makes use of water instead.

Milk in hands

Am a Nigerian and Nigeria is currently going through a tough period of being heard by our leaders. We need Police brutality to end and so while trying to make our voice heard, it’s also wise that we protect ourselves.

The spice called Ginger

Raw ginger, rose’s foodart

Hey guys, welcome to my blog rose’s foodart. Thus is my first blog post and am super excited😅. Today we are going to talk about the beautiful ginger, and it’s wonderful health benefits.

Ginger as a spice

Ginger is a spice that is known world wide, but originally was found by the South east Asians. Ginger has such a lovely fragrance, it is used in cooking all Manner of sumptuous dishes and due to it’s nice aroma, people use ginger in cooking.

Although ginger is known globally as a spice, and a cool ingredient for cooking, ginger also offers medicinal benefits.

Ground ginger, rose’s food.art.com

Health Benefits of ginger

Ginger contains a very important compound called gingerol. Gingerol is so powerful, here is why:

Toothaches: Do you have a toddler, who’s experiencing constant toothache and does not sleep at night, ginger can do the trick! Grate a small lobe of ginger after peeling it’s skin, put your grated ginger in a clean pot, put about 3 glasses of water, put the pot on the stove and allow to boil. Wait until the water is warm, pour it into a cup and make the child drink it, if the child is old enough to do things him/herself, let the child gurgle with it every morning.

Reduction of pain in Sick cell warriors: Although ginger is not a drug, or powerful like most pain killers taken by sickle cell warriors, ginger has been proven to have it’s own anti- inflammatory properties, which helps relieve pain in joints. Gingerol helps reduce pain to a drastic level when used on a daily basis.

Ginger in powder form, rose’s food. art.com

Cough, Cold, Bronchitis: when taken into the system, ginger fights cold. When you boil ginger in water and drink it hot or warm, ginger overpowers cold. It has a warm feel in the stomach, which spreads to there parts of the body. Ginger helps clear up the respiratory system.

Menstrual cramps: ginger reduces the pain caused by dysmenorrhea in women. Menstrual cramps hurt and so as a lady, if your menstrual floor hurts a lot, then taking ginger during, helps a lot.

Ginger tea remedy, rose’s food .art com

I love ginger a lot and I put it in most of my simple dishes; From noodles to fried eggs, spaghetti, down to rice, I cut it into bits, so it can’t be seen but can be tasted, or when am really ready for the flavored spice, I cut it into cubes and enjoy in mg meal, you should try it!

Note: ginger intake should not exceed 1 gram a day. https://rosesfoodart.wordpress.com/roses-foodart-com/

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